Friday, April 30, 2010

Prayer Request.

I don't post stuff like this often but my younger (middle of us 3) brother Philip is having brain surgery RIGHT NOW AS I TYPE to remove his 2nd brain tumor. *sigh* oh how I wish there was something I could do to help!!

back story: Philip suffered from debilitating migraines for a year before searching medical care for them. at that time they discovered he had a brain tumor. upon removal they found it had fingers growing into his brain. These fingers were causing problems with his speech, writing & causing arm numbness all that he blew off as exhaustion from working long days @ the hog barn followed by long nights farming w/his wife's family. they were able to insert slow release radiation discs @ the heads of the fingers to stunt their growth as removing them was extremely dangerous. that was all in October 2005. Since then he's had quarterly check ups & MRIs to keep tabs on them & everything's been fine until a month ago he complained of speech problems (similar to stroke victims) & the arm numbness again. he thought was due for a med change (he's on an anti-seizure cocktail to prevent the nocturnal seizures he began having after the surgery) so went in 2 weeks ago for a routine MRI & they found a new mass. Today, right now, he's having said mass removed.

So I end w/a request that you keep him, his wife & children along w/the doctors & nurses attending in your prayers & thoughts this weekend. :) thanks in advance.
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