Thursday, April 29, 2010

back on track!!

I have been playing around w/getting serious about losing this 'winter weight' & then some for a while. This is just the boost I need to quit playing & just DO it :) over @ the 'hood they issued this 21 day challenge again & we are to pick 3 things we need to make habits. Oh the list I could make!! but I will be good & just go w/3 :)

1. 30 minutes of exercise daily--the past 2 weeks I've been following in Tim's example & got back on the treadmill every day last week & saturday, missed Sunday & Monday, back on Tuesday, push mowed the back yard Wednesday & will do my best to get back on tonight.

2. 5 fruits & veggies every day--I do pretty good in spurts then I get lazy & don't pay attention.

3. Getting back on those vitamins!!

my water intake is good 90% of the time, I am making baby steps toward more exercise (.5 mile/day) & take the kids for a walk every morning that the weather is fit, & getting 7-8 hrs of sleep.

if you are ready to make some little changes, come on over!!
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