Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday already?! oops!!!

time to play catch up:

  • first .. Friday was day 7 of my WITL so here's that collage:
  • Second, the weekend was drizzly thru-out but we were able to make the best of it & get some mushroom hunting in, again more photos than shrooms found, I got 3 cavities filled, finished scrapping Tim's surprise bday '09, some boat work started, & some chillin' out done! successful weekend!
  • Monday I had the day off for a dr appt & got to have lunch w/my Friend Donna :) good time as always!
  • I jumped back on the treadmill yday!! I was impressed that I have already increased my speed/cutting down the time it takes to do the half mile I am requiring of myself. Monday I will increase my distance keeping the speed then increase the speed.. etc.
  • I have decided on a way to make do w/my resources & make my WITL pages all black & white. I had hoped to print the pictures this morning but the photo paper is missing... so maybe tonight after our evening walk.
  • I have 2 littles going on vacay today for a week. OH the list I have prepped for myself to get accomplished while they are away. amazing what a difference 2 lil heads + 4 lil hands makes :)
  • I am already thinking about Summer Break plans!! I want to have atleast one planned day out & maybe 2!
  • Farmer's Markets open this SATURDAY yay freaking yay!!!!!
  • My brother goes in for surgery early Friday morning. please keep him in your prayers.
  • OH the list of upcycles/recycles/crafties I want to accomplish on our limited budget!! funny that most if it is already laying around here :)
  • ok.. going to take my list making fingers & get to making snack.. have a great day!!!
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