Friday, April 23, 2010


Seems I completely missed posting yesterday OOPS... I was doing so good!! :S ah well. here's the photo collage from Wed & Thursday.

Looking here you will see Lots of kid stuff... niece K loving on itty bitty A, itty bitty B not so itty bitty anymore! littes A&B reading books together! I am so glad I braved the paint & checked the mini-well off my to-DO list :) I love it black!! then ended my day w/some scrappiness :)
Yesterday, I captured mom's old house, our shadows while walking, the 3 littles picking flower petals off the sidewalk 'for me', B watching, afternoon paperwork & snack @ the picnic table :D me reading Breaking Dawn(almost done :)) the mushrooms Tim found yesterday.

Today is the last day of WITL!!! wow this week has gone fast for that project! next I will need to get it into a book form! that may take a bit longer. I AM almost done w/Tim's surprise birthday chapter. its raining today so the photos may be a bit different-more tasks, less fun.

Oh the weekend!!! 3 cavities filled tomorrow, mushroom hunting, yard work, picking up a used tiller, hopefully some down time & finishing this book!! :)
What will your weekend include??

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