Wednesday, April 21, 2010

WhataWednesday :)

I have rather neglected my OLW for the year: DO. however, I've been DOing it w/o even realizing it :) GOOOD WORD! Now to keep on the DO train (not to be confused w/the do-do train ha! don't pretend you didn't think it b/c I know you did ;))

Things I would like to DO:
  1. tranform an old frame into a tray
  2. spray paint the old mini wishing well
  3. curbshop a chair I've spied
  4. garage sale
  5. take my flowerbeds from my mind to the ground
  6. keep the garden growing
  7. build a bench for the entry way
  8. build lawn chairs
  9. keep cleaning up the Ayers Lot
  10. keep feeding the kids better

& I will stop there :)

Last night I got back on the treadmill. Tim's so much better about it than I & I was feeling a bit jealous while I was cooking supper (a rarity in itself) that he IS so good about it, then realized, he is b/c he WANTS to & I don't b/c I am using every excuse in the book to avoid it & that *I* am the only person that can fix that! I am weighing 20# more than I did last year & on my body, that is ALOT. so. here's hoping it will fall off ;) I am down 2# this morning already WHOHOOOOO so only 18 more to go :)

Farmer's Market is so close I can almost smell it :) I.CAN.NOT.WAIT.! 10 days Baby & I am so there!! local first of course!! then Downtown, then West GLen :) dreammmmmmmmmmmy!! Then we will be visiting my brother Philip in the hospital as he is having a tumor regrowth removed from his brain.

here's my collage of photos from yday for my WITL

off we go to get some outside time.
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