Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Welllll helllo there Tuesday!

I welcome you w/open arms w/your promise of a new day, sunshine & revised to-do list :)

OH how things sure can change in a day around here!! I went from having 2 full time openings coming the 24th of May, to one school age & one full time spot available in 2 weeks. Everything happens for a reason & I am done questioning most reasons. Why worry? it will all work out as its meant to if we just sit back & let it. Its so much less painful this way :)

speaking of changes :) I found these lil babies poppin up in the garden yesterday while we were on our walk!! GIDDY!!! (radishes) yummmmm the forcast last night was predicting rain for Thursday THRU Saturday.. & our garden can use a drink .. maybe not aflood tho. again...what will be will be. :)
here is yesterday's collage for my WITL entry:

Well, since it has taken 2 sits, 2 hrs & several diaper changes (on them not me) to get this typed I will sign off & go check on my bread in the machine :) Have a great Tuesday!!

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