Monday, April 19, 2010

Good Morning Monday!

lets try to keep it low key today shall we?? ;)
Friday I was closed due to the flu attacking me over night Thursday night. :( so sad when that happens! I managed to sleep till 10,watch 'must love dogs', The Mentalist from the weekb4 on DVR, & the Doctors that Jamie Oliver appeared on over a week ago also on DVR & nap 3:30-6 :) was finally brave enough to ingest food about 1 (soda crax & 7up please) & they stayed down! *whew* luckily we just chilled around the house all evening.
Saturday I was so much better I was able to fulfill my obligations of voluteering to help mix pancakes w/my Grandma @ a breakfast fundraiser then head to a fundraiser crop in Truro! I finished the chapter of Mom's surprise party in my '06 scrapbook!!! upon returning home Tim managed to guilt me into helping wax the boat UGH what a miserable job!!! then we went for groceries & out for mexican for supper :)
Sunday we had biscuits & gravy in bed, went mushroom hunting returning w/only photos of flowers haha, he mowed while I cleaned inside, then we went GeoCaching (tons of photos AND TICKS!!) then home to grill & bake a peanut butter cake for our weekly sweet. ending the weekend w/my shows & some scrapping(finally starting Tim's surprise party '09). ideal :)
I am participating in Week in the Life over on Ali's blog again this year & oh how it makes me take pics of the norm!! I love it!! I did it in 08 & will link some of them later in the week. :) here are the collages from the past 2 days.
Have you thought of what happens in your 'normal' daily life? Carry your camera w/you & find out!
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