Thursday, April 15, 2010

Silver lining kinda day!!

Real quick then we are headed out to enjoy the sunshine while we have it!!

  • got to the greenhouse yday to find out its really too early for peppers & tomatoes (our target purchases of course) so instead got some lettuce seeds & pretties for my hanging baskets by the front door
  • have a family of 2 out sick -that includes an itty bitty so it frees up my hands this morning & I am appreciating (rather than taking advantage) of the freedom & planting the pretties, maybe painting a frame, & maybe working on the bench planter that is trying to disintegrate :)
  • we are out of bread in the child care & have been all week-I haven't bought bread for the child care in over a month!- so pulling some frozen dough out to thaw & raise while we are outside.
  • Sun tea is rockin'-since I needed the boost again today after getting up 2x w/Gus in the night
  • The nursery is TRASHED so I will take some time tomorrow in the rain to re-organize it
  • I have crafty plans for tonight if the rains come early enough

ok.. out ... we... go!!!

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