Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

We got Garden in last night! GET OUT!!!! this is the earliest we have EVER gottten the garden in the ground!! I AM GIDDY (can you tell??) LOL It was a total surprise to go over to that property (which will forever more be referred to as Ayers Lot) grumbling about having to do more clean up work (the brush has gotten out of control) & discover the garden tilled YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.. so we hustled & loaded a truck load of brush & multifloral rose, picked up our tools & headed to the tree dump. After that we swung thru Fareway for onion sets, green beans, corn & radish seeds. ahhhhhh how I love to play in the dirt!!!! love love love it!!!!!! photos to come :)
This weather is absolutely blowing me out of the routine!!! we are already on our summer schedule of playing outside all morning, w/morning snack out there, then coming in for lunch & crashing then right back outside w/another picnic for afternoon snack. altho I think I'll bum them a bit & have snack inside THEN go out. but anyway.. LOTS Of outside time & none of us were quiet ready for it so its taking some adjusting. :) currently all 8 are out COLD .. this is the first time in MONTHS I've had a totally quiet quiet-time. appreciating it!

how does your to-do list change when the weather does??
We've already done alot of work @ the Ayers Lot this week, removed the chimney from this house (removed the wood stove when we moved in but left the chimney w/false hopes of reusing it soon), we've walked almost every evening for a week, I am brainstorming flower beds @ this house as well as the veggie garden @the Ayers, I have a birdhouse I want hung, want to get hanging pot hooks for around the fence, need some hooks on the fence for their jackets & bags, need to seal said fence, want to build a bench for inside the foyer, and maybe another for the front step (while they wait for the bus), another picnic table would be nice, OH & a clothes line is a necessity!!! I need to paint my planting cupboard that's out back, its under the deck but not exactly out of the weather & made of WOOD. You most definately won't hear the word bored out of us this summer!! In our 'free time' we plan to be @ the lake every other weekend Memorial-Labor Day weekends!! yay!!!!!

So since the first of the year, I've really been sucked into blogs that reuse, upcycle, rescue, other people's 'trash'. I've been inspired yet terrified to try anything. I have created some things from the crafty blogs but nothing recycled. So while @ the Ayers Lot, I snooped around in the shed that has always been a catch all & found 4 wooden frames... hmmm I feel like I've posted about this.. ah ok.. I just checked & all I did was mention them :) so here's some photos of the frames I found.
First, here's the white/gold dude that I can't get sanded down so thinking I'll just paint him black :)
nastiness!!!! TO....................
BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! SIMPLE :) great starter project.
Wow.. they are STILL asleep!!! :) wishing I could go lounge in the sun or shut my eyes or something equally as relaxing.... oh well.. back to blog hopping!!!
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