Monday, April 12, 2010


I didn't carry my camera much this weekend.. just to document the work LOL

We had a great supper w/the camping crew on Friday night.. well we were missing some but it was a great start to getting eeryone back together again!! LOVE THIS GROUP!!! & love that we can add a family or 2 each year & it is still great!!

Speaking of camping... Tim & I hit the road Saturday morning & headed to the lake!!! it was GORGEOUS!!! wish it would have been a camping weekend! it would have been perfect :) but we got our custom boat cover ordered, ate @ a new cafe, found a motel to try out sometime & found out our regular camp attendants weren't @ post yet :(
Unfortunately, we couldn't spend all day & had to come home & get to work. *sigh* We rented this splitter from a local store:
pulled out ole trusty chainsaw: & headed to the old property where we had a PILE of cut wood needing split. Sorry missed documenting the pile pre-split. :( but here is how wide it was: that is how much we have left to do w/a few here & there around the property.. about 4 hrs we think.
THIS is what we ended up w/after 8 hrs over the weekend. think it will get us thru the summer??? we sure hope so ;) Did I mention this is JUST for camping?
We also squeezed in a few meals, a birthday party @ the Eagle's, & being in bed by 11 both nights! OH & I tried my hand staining some OLD picture frames :)
So what did you do this weekend??
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