Friday, April 9, 2010

YAY!!!! for FRIDAY!!!!

this is my 3rd nice easy Friday & I am definately not taking them for granted!! loving being able to finish off my to do list & leave the child care in good condition when I close up on Friday nights. So Easter is safely packed away for another year & spring has SPRUNG in our house!! :) I hope to make a couple of things in the next couple of weeks to add to it as I really don't have much besides flowers, birdhouses & pulled out the white vases + mom's yellow teapot + mom's green pitcher. Maybe I'll add some birds.. FAKE ONES! very fake ones as I have an issue w/birds in the house.. but maybe I'll find some this weekend... pics next week.

I got an AWESOME photo organizing program from Creative Memories & got it loaded yesterday. WOW!!!!!! its so fun!!!!!! I can make photo sort boxes, & files w/in those boxes for each person, place & thing in each photo then that one photo can be in each of those files!!! WHOHOOOOOOOOOOOO serious organization!!! Great for those of us that like to over organize hehe.

I made this Almond Pound Cake from Tastefully Simple last night YUMMMMMMMMMMM but I added 1/2 cup melted chocolate chips to 1 cup of batter & swirled it (need to pracatice the swirling) then topped it w/their caramel sauce YUMMMMMMM I am sure I will c it on the scale next week but it was so good :)

We are headed to the lake in the morning & then home to split wood for camping!!!!! FUN!!!!!! NOT! it is one of those jobs that I dread but then feel darn good afterward b/c I can FEEL that I did something!! :) also have a gathering of the camping crew @ the Hard Water Inn tonight, then a surprise bday party @ the Eagle's tomorrow night. YIKES!! BUSY BUSY BUSY!!!

Wishing you & yours a marvelous weekend!!!
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