Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wow.. 3 in a row :)

OH spring!! I am sooooooooooo ready for Spring!! I am ready for flowers, farmer's market, playing in the dirt, planting, flipflops, camping, boating, ahhhhh warm weather!!!

I am really interested in joining a CSA this year. last year I toyed w/the idea but they were all full by the time I got serious. This year I am on a waiting list :) I will still be faithful to my local farmer's market & am determined to branch out & explore others nearby. Seriously cannot get enough! I liketo think I'd like it to be my full time job but I don't think I have the energy level needed for it. So I will just play w/my lil garden spot & shop the markets.

Ready for blooms!!! I love that this house came w/a ready made garden! love the lil white flowers that bloom thru the snow! & then the lil blue ones that follow.. we found 3 crocus blooms this spring in the back yard too! YAY!! The jonquils/daffodils & hyacinths I planted 2 falls ago, are blooming wonderfully! The lilac bush in back has itty bitty green buds on it as do the hydrangea bushes in the front & the iris in the back are peeking thru the dirt!! So exciting to see everything waking up after their winter nap! We are planning to expand the front flower bed around the south end of the house this year! I am dreaming of lilies, vinca, a ground cover or 2 & hoping the fire bushes we put in there will be able to wake up after their late planting. then I have 3 or 4 spots in the back yard I want to work on this year too :)

Over in the garden we are planning our regular tomato, pepper, onion, carrot, green bean, corn patch.
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