Wednesday, April 7, 2010

going green?

so its now cool to say you are going green.. but to walk the walk is so much tougher (as usual) than just talking the talk. So far I have not convinced Tim that any of it is worth it. He's so about the here & now & ME thought process so I just do it on my own....

so far I have:
  • developed (& kept well fed) a bag addiction-- any bag that looks like it would hold more than I can carry, is pink or raises money for someone/thing I am all for it. they are scattered about my world; in the child care, in the van, on the stair rail, in the scrap room, in the upstairs kitchen, you get the picture :)
  • tried homemade dishwasher soap. not sure if it was the dishwasher, the water or just me. but it left everything gritty & I couldn't stand it. so after 2 weeks of altering amounts of soap, running half full loads, full loads, changing dishwasher settings, I gave up & went back to store bought soap :(
  • managed to convince Tim that we need a compost bin :) his only stipulation is that it be @ the other property. no problem!! I walked over ice cream buckets of compostables last year all summer long.
  • greatly cut out the papertowel use in the upstairs kitchen-Tim is the only one that uses them there now.
  • switched to cloth napkins for our suppers. Love them!! (thinking they'll be my first sewing project!!)
  • recycle all cardboard boxes that come thru the house. along w/the plastic, glass & tin that I've been doing for years.
  • washable feminine products. nuff said publicly.
  • bought organic (ish) toothpaste & avoided all problems I had w/the regular stuff :)
  • buy local (@ minimum USA) products no matter the cost. (this drives Tim crazy in the stores LOL)
  • am minimizing the microwave use
  • haven't bought store bought bread in a month
  • am back to using real butter
  • am collecting glass jars to freeze in
  • am thinning my plastic container 'collection'
  • bought a SIGG water bottle & love it
  • using /reusing what I have in the area of craft supplies & home decorations
  • bought organic local grown grains (Thanks Shanen!!!!)
  • bought organic local soaps (thanks again Shanen!!)

ok so this turned from going to green to more of a changing to a healthier lifestyle post. sorry! :)

What have you changed in the going green, going organic, getting healthier areas? please share!!

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