Tuesday, May 25, 2010

True Confessions Tuesday

rolling right into another list:
  • the weekend was pretty balanced between busy busy & relaxing
  • the relaxing of course was spent on the couch
  • Tim's back pain is better after a trip the chiro + reassuring trip the dr to rule out several webmd'd options by me :)
  • I haven't been on the scale since Saturday & was pleasantly surprised to find I was holding steady w/o the treadmill :)
  • I haven't been reallllllllllllly watching what I eat
  • I quit taking my vitamins when I ran out & keep forgetting to buy more
  • We haven't walked since Thursday-Tim's pain level was too high since he was pushing himself thru the days to be productive
  • I mudded in 19 pepper plants & 9 tomatoes, 3 cukes & planted 9 cuke seeds on Saturday
  • We had baaaad but OH so yummy deep fried trio w/supper last night-our choices: mac n cheese bites, corn nuggets & deep fried pickle spears YUMMMMM but baaaaad lol
  • frappuccino for breakfast-come on Kim get real! (but they are still on sale + have coupon)
  • I tried on 2 pr of shorts from my summer tote on Saturday, happy they fit .. hoping they get to fitting looser :)
  • going to wash the rest of the summer clothes/suits today to get packing for the weekend
not alot bad, just lack of exercise, vits & food monitoring. not doing horrible just not GREAT.
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