Friday, May 21, 2010

crazy busy week.

that will be best described in list form:
  • 2 child care visits--food program & DHS spot check
  • 1 nurse visit (finally remembered to fast:))
  • 1 chiro visit
  • followed the next day by a headache that took way too much ibu to kick
  • finales almost every night!! Castle, Grey's, The Mentalist, Medium, Private Practice (online from last week)
  • rain 2 days
  • outside 3 days
  • no treadmill
  • completely organized 3 field trips & started 6 others- not sure if we have that many weeks of summer vacay:)
  • worked on organizing Thursday night in the Park for Early Childhood-Stacey do you girls want to do a table for your ps?
  • cutting things from the weekend plans to leave breathing time. sometimes it just has to be done!
  • field trip today -rain or shine- singing for senior citizens CANNOT be skipped! :)
  • made granola bars/cereal, banana bread, 1/2 wheat choco chip cookies, 4 loaves of homemade bread
  • haven't transferred photos from camera from LAST weekend yet haha
  • hoping to sleep in tomorrow!
  • wishing you a WONDERFUL weekend!!!
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