Tuesday, May 18, 2010

True Confessions Tuesda

ok so I started & worked on a post 3x yesterday.. guess I will store it as draft to pull out later :) b/c I have a LIST of confessions this week!!

  • I had a skinny cow fudge bar last night AND Junction creamery ice cream --OOPS
  • I haven't been on the treadmill in a week
  • I messed up my fasting blood draw last week (already posted a ton about it LOL) retest tomorrow! 9:30AM wish me luck!! ;)
  • I had ALOT of beers Saturday night ... it was Light but still.... ALOT.
  • I am in love w/Spagetti Works! but I did great & didn't clean my plate of their already reasonable serving size!
  • I stopped@ my first garage sale in YEARS. bought a bag of wooden blocks, a memory game & a chutes & ladders game for the child care. all for $4! saweet!!!!
  • Had a blast @ the DM farmer's market Sat!!! but bought Strawberries that were NOT local :( however the green & red onions, ugly tomatoes, & jars 'everything sauce' were!! YAY!!!
  • OH & then I read the label on the sauce.. 550mg of SODIUM helloooooooo!!!!!!!! that stinks!
  • I am addicted to 'projects' :) current project: scheduling weekly field trips for local childcare providers
  • I love to make lists :)))
okie dokie.. planning some SERIOUS outside time today!!! have a GREAT DAY!!!
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