Thursday, May 13, 2010


welllllll so we have had this appt for fasting blood draw @6pm for almost 2 weeks & did fine noon-3 then it was snack time & dummy me snacked on cheese & crackers every time I cruised by the table @ snack time!!!!!! THENNNNN the kicker is that it never dawned on me that I was doing something BAD until an hour later when Tim came in & found me cleaning the stairs & he asked if I was finding things to do to keep busy & not eat. WHAAAAAAT?! OH CRAP! so he got his testing done but I have to reschedule for next week *sigh* dumb dumb!

But I got some filing done while he was in his appt :) & the house is fine tuned-company ready. Which will come in handy tomorrow for my interview.

BUT I have taken 2 nights off the treadmill & last night was too rainy to even go out & walk BOO so must get back on the treadmill tonight!

21 day ACCOUNTABILITY: exercise (fail), vites (success), f/v (strawberriesx2 @ supper, the end of the scalloped potatoesx2 & ham for lunch, OH RATS.. just one serving short!)

so how's your 21 day challenge coming?
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