Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

Look @ what I earned :) that's right I have shrunk 5# (& stayed @ or below that mark consistantly) since I got back on the treadmill! I am still holding steady from last week -tho my yo yo was 2 below one morning :)- So I know I can keep on this roll!! I had to skip the treadmill last night for tonight's blood draw for life insurance but we did go ahead & walk our mile :) I can't wait to get back on it, who would have thought I'd say that!!

21 days Accountability: I forgot my vites last night, I ran out of multi's so I guess I blew off the rest. oops! f/v:lets seeeee... scalloped potatoes & ham for supper -2 veg servings, ugh, I think that's all I got in yday! dang it! I only got 64oz in & the exercise I already mentioned.

Child Care: I have an interview for 2 new kids on Friday. Interviews always make me nervous-scrub the counters, cupboard doors & vac the corners nervous - so I will be fine tuning the cc today & tomorrow for that.

I want to touch up the upstairs in spurts today for the insurance lady-I know she's not here for inspection but I still want the floors swept & vac'd, counters wiped & catch-all stairs picked up. :)

Weekend.. wow it looks like this weekend is starting a run of busy ones... This Saturday I had a crop but it got cancelled due to lack of participation, & a graduation reception, then Sunday we are doing a deep cleaning/purge of the garage. Next Saturday is a wedding & reception in Chariton & Sunday brings a graduation reception in Grinnell. the following is Memorial weekend=camping! Then in June the local farmer's market opens, I am hosting a Tastefully Simple party, & camping! During the week we are planning a weekly field trip for child care providers & a Thursday night in the Park hosted by the local chapter IAEYC. July is of course the 4th-my favorite holiday, attending a freezer jam class in Woodward, a crop till you drop weekend & 2 weekends of camping. I don't even want to THINK about August!

ah... totally shouldn't have done that list LOL now to make a stickie of what I want to get done TODAY to keep me moving :) I think I've already heard thunder this morning so I should have plenty of inside time to get busy. Have a great day! is your summer as packed as mine?! eeks
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