Tuesday, May 11, 2010

True confessions Tuesday

  1. my breakfasts have stooped to the 9.5 oz bottles of starbucks frappuccino from the grocery store b/c they were on sale & I looooooooooooove them
  2. I resorted to sleeping when I was sad this weekend-better than eating but not as good as working out
  3. I need to get back to the treadmill in the mornings
  4. I am so much better @ staying on track when I have someone to keep me accountable-Thanks Tators
  5. I am planning weekly outings for providers & their children this summer, but I don't know how many weeks of summer we have
  6. I need an accountant
  7. Last night's post 'run' (term used losely) protein snack of greek yogurt & strawberries was 1.5 hrs later & after 7PM did it do any good? probably not
  8. I am dreading taking tonight off the treadmill for the blood draw tomorrow for life insurance. I really don't need a valid excuse for a day off

there you have it folks. this week's confessions. not horrible but could be better! :)

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