Monday, May 10, 2010

doom & gloomy Monday

Oh Monday, you are such a struggle sometimes. thankful for the rainy afternoon = quiet nap time :)

first I am going to plug for a giveaway over @ the sisterhood :) (plus it earns me another entry hehe)

second a quick weekend recap: camping-cancelled due to crazy wind & very low over night temps, sad news of the loss of one of our camp attendants, movies watched & generally vegged around the house.

third, my accountability report: Friday we walked 2miles in the morning in prep for none that night, but I ended up taking Gus anyway on a mile, vitamins I remember but f/v I don't :( Saturday, we walked 1.25 mile in the evening, vitamins taken but f/v I am sure I skimped on. Sunday, I did 1.5 walk/jog on the treadmill then walked Gus 1 mile in the evening, f/v & vites acheived!

fourth, today I pulled out the retro record player & 45s & introduced the kids to it all :) "what is that black thing & why is it going round & round?" hehe way fun!! great way to spend the gloomy chillly morning.

final, I plan to get 2 miles in on the treadmill tonight since its raining out & sounds like it will be until tomorrow sometime :( blah!!

sorry all words & no photos.. it was just one of those weekends.
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