Friday, May 7, 2010

ITS FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ACCOUNTABILITY: 96 oz, 3 miles, & vitamins yesterday! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS great day!! I kinda cheated on the f/v (16oz of v8=4 servings) & then mashed potatos for supper. but I am still counting it LOL

I commented last night when checking the garden that we needed rain soon or we'd have to water the garden, I got my wish.. we got 3/4 of an inch over night! YAY!!!! seriously first thought when I woke hearing the rain was that my lil radishes were happy LOL obsessed much?????? LOL My aunt is giving me a hosta & some chives to start my gate-bed :) can't wait to get some green in there!!

We are planning to camp @ the lake this weekend. We are all packed & 1/2 loaded, sleeping bags + extra blankets, long johns + fleece jammies, sweats + hoodies!! So excited!! Camping season is starting for us early this year :) I plan to walk 3 miles both days we are gone! we will see how that works out. Planning to pick up some veggie & flower plants on the way home.

What are your weekend plans??
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