Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Time to get serious!

ok so maybe its past time but better late than never I suppose :)

as many of you know I attempt to shrink w/the sisterhood. however, this winter I have grown instead of shrunk :( I put on 24# in the past year! GET OUT!! I have said for a few (5) years that I don't need to lose, just maintain & get healthy. well if getting healthy is THIS I take it all back!! b/c now I need to lose!

I am doing something I have never ever done b4, I posted my weight over @ the 'hood. EEK that scares the crap outa me!!! I won't be putting it here b/c that's just too much. hoping that putting it up over there will keep me that much more accountable for doing something to shrink.
There is a new challenge @ the Sisterhood. Shrinking days of Summer!! just like last year & I did great last year. I think. of course I wasn't happy w/what I weighed then either but that is a whole different post (a pretty deep one that I have actually typed up & ready to go when I am feeling either especially brave or down in the dumps or maybe it might take both) . The Sisterhood ROCKS!!! they have DAILY activities planned for this challenge! whohoooooooo!!! just what I need! something new every day to keep me thinking about what I am doing, eating, walking, etc. & why!

SO far I have tried on 2 pr of shorts from last year & they FIT. *whew* I was terrified they'd not even go on & some won't, but at least they fit. they are TIGHT but atleast they fit! :) some of my shirts may not as I have a full blown muffin top this year. ouch. working on it! wii fit yoga reminded me last night just how much I looooooooooooooooooove yoga & how powerful it can be & I hope to get some in 3x/week! OH speaking of Yoga!! Lauren & I are doing some @ the lake this weekend!!! :) camping + yoga. I bet we can find some quiet out of the way -hopefully out of sight- spot to do some quick morning yoga a couple of the mornings :) YAY!!!!

  • 96oz
  • 5f/v
  • 3 dairy
  • no vites
  • 1.5 mile @ 3-4mph on treadmill
  • 30 fit minutes
On our Facebook group we decided that June's challenge should be combining miles/minutes moved (walk, run, jog, bike, swim, etc.) w/a fresh fruit or veggie every day! thanks Stacey!! I am totally pumped to get it rolling on Tuesday!!!
I am energized by it all now.. I just hope I keep it :) what are you doing for yourself?
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