Wednesday, May 5, 2010

HAPPY Hump Day!!!

I totally made up for not taking the kids on a walk yday... Tim & I were loading firewood for the weekend & discovered the garden was dry enough to till, so I thinned out the radishes, planted more green beans, counted 14 onions & some lettuce babies peeking thru!! then we planted 4 rows of 3 variations of sweet corn! When we got home I jumped on the treadmill for my .5 mile walk/jog (while I watched part of Monday night's Castle online) & then took Gus for our normal 1 mile walk! (Tim couldn't go as his foot is hurting & the tiller had given him a work out!) I didn't get my shoes off until 10 till 9 when I was getting in the shower but it was so worth it when I jumped on the scale this morning :))

Weigh in Wednesday: I am down one from Monday & down 3 from last Wednesday YEEEEEEEEEEE-frickin-HAAAAAAAAW!!! feels so good to see that scale move! :D

21 DAYS: soooooo that is my 30 minutes of exercise, I got my 5 f/v in AAAAAAANNNNDDDDD I remembered my vitamins!! OH & I got my 96 oz in too for the first time all week.

Today is going to be about getting the camping bedding freshened up, going on a walk, & maybe work on repairing my bench planter if I get some time. OH & working on setting up weekly summer activities for the child care homes in Osceola! Stacey, I am contacting you today! :) Tonight is a provider appreciation get together in Creston & I am hoping to be back in time to walk-maybe I should have taken Gus out on our route @ 5 this morning when he was restless.

Look @ all the things I am DOing :) yay for the power of One Little Word!!! What are you DOing? Do you have a word for the year? if you do please share!!
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