Tuesday, March 2, 2010

True Confessions Tuesday

  • I had almost given up on the whole weight loss thing until I started pricing jeans.
  • YUP the thought of spending money to go up a size pissed me off! so I am back @ it
  • I have been getting 96 oz/day
  • f/v & dairy-not so good
  • I am finally getting new shoes Friday!!!
  • I shredded last night!!!
  • I did phone it in a couple of times.
  • HEY -I am outa shape!
  • I feel so much better (mentally) today for it!
  • I am a bit sore but not near as bad as last year! :) pleasant surprise!!
  • I am going to get back to it tonight!
  • I am done snacking like its going out of style!!

ok ..so its not going to happen over night or even in 30 days but I am hoping to be back to the healthy-fit Kim by June!

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