Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy Hump Day!!

alot going on in my world so it will be a random list today:

  • I shredded on Monday :) I felt sooooooooo much better for it on Tuesday.
  • I didnt' shred on Tuesday-nothign but excuses.
  • I plan to shred today!
  • I am in High Crop Planning GEAR today!!
  • working on the crop I have confirmed 2 donations, a store to set up, 3 scrappers to register, heard from both of my AWESOME girls helping, updated several lists I have floating around, & contacted a 3rd store to come scrap w/us.
  • & jsut so no one thinks I am neglecting my lil ones:
  • working my job I have changed 8 diapers, danced like a crazy woman to one of their cds, fixed, fed & cleaned up 6 @ breakfast, 6 @ snack & 8 @ lunch, kissed 4 owies, fed 2 bottles, gotten 4 off to school & 3 off to & back from preschool, listened to 3 individuals sing 'you are my sunshine' & 'ittsy bittsy spider' 3x each, snuggled each of the 9 atleast once, oh & we can't forget the uncountable noses that have been wiped today!
  • I am getting my 96oz of water every day!
  • I am very frustrated about not shrinking but plan to kick that into gear here shortly as there are only 12 weeks until boating season starts!!! eeeeek
  • my jeans are so tight I refuse to get on the scale.
  • my will power to avoid snacking when I am not hungry is in full gear today YAY


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