Thursday, March 4, 2010

currently the abcs of me

I am totally copying this from JO. I have been struggling to find things post-worthy since I started stalking the new round of repurposing, thrifting & decorating blogs so this is a good fit for today!!

A-Age: ugh not a good topic for me.. I feel older & yet some say I still look younger.

B-Bed size: Queen but some nights still not big enough.

C-Chore you hate: floors! I hate sweeping & mopping/scrubbing floors!

D-Dog's name: Gus-poor guy.. totally deaf, pretty much totally blind (can see movement sometimes), on a daily anti-inflamitory to help his bladder, but still camps & boats like a champ!

E-Essential food/item: water! & my new sigg water bottle. couldn't live w/o them!!

F-Favorite color: pink or purple. no matter how rough around the edges I am, I am still a girlie girl there :)

G-Gold or silver: my jewelry is mostly silver, the house is a combo of brushed nickel & Oil rubbed bronze

H-Height: probably 5' but my license says 5'3" :)

I-I am: on an organizational high from fine tuning the crop details!

J-Job: officially -child care provider, unofficially - nose wiper, diaper changer, cook, owie kisser, nurse, referee, janitor, maid, door greeter, doll dresser, calendar keeper, etc.

K-Kids: none biologically- 13 child care kids

L-Living arrangements: 1971 split foyer 3 bedroom w/full basement for child care

M-Mom's name: Julie

N-Nickname: Kimmer-Kimmi-Kim

O-Overnight hospital stay: nope

P-Pet peeve: irresponsible 'adults' raising irresponsible, disrespectful children

Q-Quote from a movie: OH wow..this is a doozie... "but its so Sticky & I just hate it when its sticky" -said in southern accent from My Chauffer-- "ooo that's gonna leave a mark" -spaceballs -- ok so they really don't mean anything out of context but I pull lines into normal conversation & rarely anyone gets it but me LOL

R-Right or left handed: Right

S-Siblings: 2 younger bigger brothers :) & 2 much younger 1/2 brothers

T-Time you wake up: ugh.. m-f the alarm starts going off @4:45am, I am usually up by 5:15. weekends I count sleeping in if the sun comes up before me :)

U-Unique thing about your car: I have 2 carseats & 2 boosters stacked in the 'hatch' part of the minivan

V-Vegetable you hate: cooked spinach, squash (unless in pumpkin-like bars)

W-Ways you run late: over slept, have a late parent picking up, Tim decides in the last 20 minutes to shower b4 we go, I sat on the couch to wait & fell asleep.

X-Xrays you've had: foot/heel, abdomen

Y-Yummy food you make: tacos, bread, bread dip

Z-Zoo favorite: I love a good zoo.

thanks Jo!! that was fun! :))
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