Thursday, February 25, 2010

Only Thursday?

this has been ONE exhausting week!!! I try not to be a whiner or a debbie downer on here but looking back thru my recent posts that's exactly all I have posted. MY APOLOGIES!! not fun to read! :( so to change it up a bit I am going to post a list of goals-good happy smilie goals :)

  • get back on the treadmill
  • get ready -mentally- to shred again w/the Sisterhood
  • get crafty in my room, St. Patty's day is coming whether I am adequately decorated or not & I prefer to be!!
  • get New Moon finished
  • Relax
  • get started on my monster & ever growing to-do list about repurposing items around the house & child care
  • get back to monitoring what I eat

okie dokie... off to work on my DO list :) Have a GREAT SUNSHINEY THURSDAY

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