Tuesday, February 23, 2010

True Confessions Tuesday

a wee bit later than normal but my confession none the less...

  • I have surfed more blogs for creating, altering & thrifting than I have posted on my own
  • my blog roll has tripled since 1/1/10
  • I am eating anything I want whenever I want it
  • the jeans are showing it
  • I didn't take the last 4 days of my med for my foot
  • today is the first day I've had that pain
  • I accepted 6 handmedown dining chairs for child care
  • that I now have to donate to CROSS b/c they are too wide for my cc table
  • I haven't started any St. Pat's decor-instead I borrowed mom's
  • I haven't gone near the treadmill yet
  • I am gaining weight daily
  • I am hating my body again/still
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