Monday, February 22, 2010

A List

From a busy weekend.
  • our new fridge is way cool(hahaha get it ...) my only complaint is that it does not say "made in the USA" *sigh* someday maybe he'll get it
  • I have found myself decorating the top of the fridge this round. never ever before have I done this! I have a neato black Longaberger bowl I got for Christmas & a plant from my scraproom up there along w/our cereal in storers & our box of warrenty/manual/etc.
  • I finally got my sewing machine from my great gma's house. OYE I knew the working machine didn't 'belong' in teh cabinet but never did I comprehend that there was STILL a machine in the cabinet! so I brought home a working machine, a cabinet (that's 2x the size I remembered) w/old singer inside, & chair that 'belongs' w/it all. they don't match but ok whatever :)
  • Since the cabinet is so much bigger than I rememered, I worked for 3 hours LAST NIGHT making room for it in my scrap room. I am almost 1/3 of the way there. :)
  • in the mean time, I should be reading the manual & getting acquainted but I am not, I am still trying to finish New Moon. I am much more disciplined w/it than I was w/Twilight!
  • Is it rude to say you went 'junking' @ someone's house? LOL I picked thru my mom's 'donate' pile & scavenged a coffee table (I remember her stripping & redoing when we were kids) for the child care kids to play on/with (that may someday -if I get brave enough -turn into a padded bench for them!), 2 door mirrors w/water damaged backings, 6 chairs that are now finding their way to donate from here as they are too wide for my cc table(which means I need to either get serious about building 2 benches for the table or recovering the existing chairs we have there), a welcome home sign I plan to paint over for St. Patt'ys day & 2 sets of sheers for a white 'rag' wreath(I might have mentioned these last 2 on Friday as I nabbed them on Thursday). I think that's it.
  • I now have a bin in my room of 'to do' items-things I have run across & kept just for a project. now to get a move on, on those projects!
  • Hope to get my room orgnized so I can work on those projects!!

making 2010 a DO it year!!!!!!!!!!

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