Thursday, February 18, 2010

thursday misc.

today's list:
  • spending freezes SUCK! especially self inforced ones b/c really... no one else even knows I am on it, so who will know if I cheat? ME that's who! :(( I am sometimes my own worst enemy. but it will all be worth it to get some more things paid off & get Tim's new truck sooner
  • foot dr appt today=afternoon off. hmmm what to do what to do.. think my time is already full
  • Driver's license renewal -ugh something I can do on my afternoon off
  • Helping mom finish move out her old house this afternoon
  • mmmm cheese tots for breakfast
  • prepping house this evening for delivery of new fridge tomorrow (spur for spending freeze)
  • take down vday decor & start in on St. Patty's day goodies :)
  • laundry
  • make homemade refried beans-wish me luck

there it is folks. out there for all to see (the 10 of you that read hehe). my agenda for today. now its time to DO it.

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