Tuesday, February 2, 2010

True Confessions Tuesday....

WOW this won't be AS itemized AS usual as it would take all day!

  1. Tim baked a cake Sunday-nuff said.
  2. I am a carb addict that did NOT keep it in check this weekend
  3. I did limit myself on drinks this weekend :)
  4. I got the release to start exercising from the pod but haven't yet
  5. My jeans are too TIGHT today! if I were working out of the house I wouldn't even have them on
  6. I am on my 4th cup o coffee today
  7. I only got 64oz in yesterday but 5f/v & 2 dairy (if the milk poured over cake counts)
  8. I napped for 2 hrs last night -after supper during Broken Arrow - missed House
  9. I skipped tax prep last night
  10. I am getting up & making homemade whole wheat bread right now!

Have a great sunshiney day!!!

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