Monday, February 1, 2010

Jeff's Party recap

At the beginning of January (I think) Bethany invited all of us to meet them @ Iowa Machine Shed for a surprise party for Jeff's 30th birthday. FUN!!!!! I am always up for a party & a surprise just makes it just that much more fun :) so

the RSVPs trickled in & she was getting excited.. Bethany cannot keep her own secret :) she loves to give gifts somuch that she can't shop too early w/o giving the gift b4 the appropriate date LOL. Love that about her! the week before the party, we started talking about continuing the party @ the bowling alley after dinner.

So the week of the party several of us asked him in normal conversations what his plans were for the weekend .. kinda trying to throw him off. not sure if it worked but it was fun for us haha.

The scheduled night, we trickled into the restaurant a few @ a time. it was great to see 3 tables full of guests! When he arrived some guests were walking in @ the same time so he started to get suspicious. :) then when the hostess brought him around the corner &he saw all of us, the gig was up :) FUN!!! we had GREAT FOOD, Lots of Laughs & Great time!

Off to the bowling alley we went. Saying good bye to some that weren't able to continue. Getting to the alley & finding it PACKED. we put our names in for 4 lanes :) we didnt really much mind hanging out
playing video games, pool & catching up in general over some cocktails. one lane @ a time we were called to bowl. & bowl we did until 11:30. From there we split up, some going to Lance & Val's & others of us going to a near by bar to see other friends.

Over all- A Great Night!!!

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