Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Weigh In Wednesday..

WOW! I don't usually have RESULTS but this week I DO. & before I say numbers I will mention that ALL I CHANGED was increasing my water to 96oz/daily & cutting junk snacking. I haven't added any movement at all. NOW. the NUMBERS. I weighed in @ my heaviest ever on Monday 1/11/10 @ the dr office. it was truely an eye opening experience for me & very easily could have thrown me into a bout of deep depression had I chosen that avenue. but this time I proudly chose to DO something! (word of the year DO) YAY KIM!! by Saturday I was down 4# & today I am down another 4#. NOW I am not all giddy & excited thinking its a serious weightloss. I know its just water but for the scale to show A LOSS, I am happy :) just the boost I need to keep up on the water, lack of snacking & get some movement plan in place!

ok.. off to enjoy the ice/snow day we are having that ended up giving me the afternoon off :) Scraproom time!
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