Thursday, January 21, 2010

What a Winter!!

our poor school kids will be in school until the middle of June if Winter keeps up this pace! I am not sure but I think we've missed a record number of days already & Its only January! :( Our summer activities start date will be delayed a few weeks. Until then I am pulling out the back up, big guns for Snow/ice days. :) Today: Painting! WHOHOOOOOOO!! maybe a new recipe to bake too!

ACCOUNTABILITY: yesterday I was surprised to get in over 96oz since I started 4 hours later than normal. I also managed 3 fruits & a dairy! WHOHOOOOOOOO

DO: as much as I wanted to be a bum & play online all morning yesterday I made myself DO something while I was on the clock. I managed my normal Wednesday laundry :) so I can proudly say I did DO something. Today is full day w/a full house (I assume) so I will start to DO my tax prep-bleck! -when I can steal quiet moments. I should start by calling & making my appointment, giving myself a deadline usually gets me into gear! ahhh out comes the to-DO list!

Sorry for the boring photo free postings! I haven't put any photo software on Tim's computer yet. Mine is back @ the store from repair shop so thinking when we get it, I'll just do them both @ the same time as I got a new hard drive installed & will need to start it allllllllllllllllllll over agaaaaaaaaaaaaain. *sigh*

Ok off to catch upon what I missed last night while the internet & phone lines were down in our area. :) happy to be back up & running!!!
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