Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Tuesday!

I am really loving this healthier me!! the water, the mindful eating, the feeling better! its all good!! can't wait to add some movement to it! the energy level has improved so much I just can't believe it!! tomorrow is weigh in day.. nervous!!

Oh yea.. its True Confession Tuesday!! hmmmm I almost forgot!
  • I had a 2nd piece of pizza & a 3rd piece of crazy bread Saturday for lunch when I said I was not going to.
  • I totally stuffed myself on chips & salsa(in addition to the fried taco) for Supper!
  • I bought some low cal type fudge pops & am allowing myself one/day. I could eat the whole box in a sitting!! lol was so happy to not see aspertame on the label!
  • I need to get working on my tax prep-hate being self employed this time of year!!!
  • I didn't do any type of exercise yesterday unless we count taking down, washing/drying, & rehanging curtains in 5 rooms of the house?? :)
  • I am a cheese stick addict. if they are in the house I cannot resist eating 2 a day! I count them to my dairy.
  • I am eating on roma tomato/day as part of my f/v count. I can't wait for the garden & farmer's market!!!
  • I am into freezer meals these days! home made freezer meals! day 2 of freezing browned/seasoned hamburger! YAY!!!

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