Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Mantra: Just DO Something!

over @ the sisterhood they have added so much cool new stuff I am struggling to keep up. SO I am going to combine my One Little Word for the year DO w/this week's mantra! Just DO Something.

W/the plantar faciitis I am off of running atleast another week but I have been seriously, strictly, monitoring everything that goes into my body. I started slowly last week w/just making sure I get my 96oz of water daily. WOW do I feel so much better just from that lil thing! A couple of days I even had 120+ oz! lovely!!! :) my skin feels so much softer when properly hydrated! I also have so much more energy, focus & less feminine issues due to the added water! YAY WATER!

The food monitoring took some constant attention! I had really no idea how much I mindlessly snack :( Last week I questioned every little bite that I was considering before it went in. If I didn't have a good enough reason for wanting/needing it, it didn't get ingested. This is HUGE for me. I just figured since I am on my feet most of the day chasing kids, cooking & cleaning that I am working off what I eat but obviously not as the jeans are getting tighter than they were in the fall when I pulled them from storage. Even this weekend I focused on my fruits & veggies & water, along w/portions of the pizza & then chips & salsa on Saturday. I am really proud to say I cut myself off from the Fiesta/Jalapeno Wheat Beer Bread lastnight even tho I wanted 'just one more bite'!! I know I wouldn't have stopped @ one more so I bagged it up into portions & put it on the back of the counter!! its STILL THERE!!:) So far today I have had one piece of whole grain white toast w/a smear of organic peanut butter on top, 2 cups of coffee & working on my water!

Along w/following along w/the Sisterhood, I discovered This Blog this morning & am totally digging their inspirational postings! I would love to be this Badass too!!! I need to get back to moving. I want to try to get back on the treadmill even w/the PF shoe. Moving is moving & there is no jumping jacks or running for another week so I want to atleast get to walking! Maybe I'll get that Wii moved tonight so I can get back on the fit! I have alot of options.

OH almost forgot to mention that after weighing in @ the dr office @ my absolute heaviest in my life on Monday I was down 4# by Saturday morning. JUST from upping the water & cutting snacking! NIIIIIIIIIIIIICE!! Now to add some moving & keep that going!!

Have a great Monday! I am off to Just DO Something! :)
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