Friday, January 15, 2010

drama drama drama Friday!!

our local non profit 'no kill' animal shelter elected new officials & then unanimously voted to give all 'residents' 90 days. effective immediately. & w/in a few days (or 24 hrs if I understood correctly) went in & euthanized half of the dogs & 10 cats! this is a place that runs solely on community support yet they never thought to put this out there to the public, even turned down 2 last minute adoption applications for dogs that were on the list. 2 others of the dogs are even highlighted in this week's local paper! gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa they have lost my support until there is a formal VERY PUBLIC apology & some changing of rules/regs/people in charge.

one of my awesome child care moms texted me this morning that her check to me from last week hadn't cleared yet. So upon asking Tim if he had made the deposit while I was @ my crop on Saturday we discovered he hadn't. thru the house & vehicles he went like a whirl wind. then I followed thru the house as I could cleaning up said whirlwind. not found. hate asking for 2nd checks!

THIRD & final thank goodness:
a bit happier: the shop called on my laptop & another hard drive bit the dust along w/the DVD/CD drive. note to self. avoid Toshiba. we don't mix well. luckily all is under extended warranty. :)

HELLO FRIDAY. its a good thing its YOU TODAY!! :)
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