Thursday, January 14, 2010

Good Morning Thursday!

Wow I am feeling so much better today than I have @ this time of the day in AGES! Evidently the foot pain was causing more 'pain' than I realized. Plus this is our first full week of school routine since before Christmas, maybe that has something to do w/it. Who knows. Who cares. I embrace whatever it is :) My productivity level was thru the roof yesterday. that too I embrace!

What's going on around here? in a word: ALOT
  1. I am planning a trip to Cross Ministries on Saturday morning!! I have a load of things to donate! so far, 2 printers, a kitchen trash bag, & 2 boxes, AND I am adding to it daily :) both kitchens are getting decluttered one drawer, cupboard, basket @ a time. what a great feeling :) Yesterday I pulled 6!!! utensils/gadgets from a drawer that either didn't work up my expectations & got shoved to the back or just don't get used enough to justify their 'realastate' they require. then while I was cooking tacos for supper I went thru the towels, wash clothes & pot holders (I am a matchy-matchy-set girl in the kitchen) & pulled out a pile of unmatchy ones to donate :)
  2. I have a Van load of cardboards to get to the recycling dumpster also Saturday morning! YAY!! I can't believe just how long I sit on some of this stuff before I finally feel free to purge. but I do love a good house purge! this weekend will be a good one! Monday will feel like a new place when I come to work (I store the recycling in the nursery & almost have a pack-n-play full. WOW)
  3. I am ready to start planning the spring planting!! We want to finish the front/south flower beds & I hope to start a low maintenence one in the north/west corner of the back yard. All along w/our ever growing veggie garden @ the other property. I am also planning a more organized way of composting here & transporting to the other property. I think I have convinced him to get a bin over there instead of just throwing it on the ground. :)
  4. Tim is all ready to get back to the lake! camping & boating mmmmmmmmmm warmer weather! CAN'T WAIT!
  5. BUT UNTIL THEN, we have our Valentine's/birthday get away! YAY! count down has started & in full planning mode-ready to pack LOL
  6. *I* can't work out for 2 more weeks so I am seriously kicking the water's A$$!!! Yesterday I chugged OVER 96OZ!!!!!!!!!!! whohooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo THAT felt GOOD!! hmmmmm maybe that has something to do w/how good I feel this morning?! hmmmm ya THINK?? water water water... that's my theme this week along w/asking how good is 'this' for my body BEFORE it goes in. (minus the brownie I inhaled last night hehe but honestly, it was my ONLY splurge for the day!)
  7. Now that the temps have gotten up out of the dangerous range, the kids have gotten back out to play in the snow! AND LOVING IT!!!!!
  8. I hope to get some new curtains hung in the child care this weekend & dying to start painting the unfinished sheetrock wall. Its that time of winter when I NEED change or updating in my surroundings to fight off depression/burn out. We are baking & cooking new recipes, decluttering, getting things hung on the walls, deep cleaning, moving things around & changing things up(curtains, pillows, sheets, etc). I am so thankful I learned how to take care of myself & our relationship by detecting this oncoming feeling & learning how to combat it! What a sad state I (& our relationship) was in before this knowledge!

WOW that was a lot of info you probably didn't care to know. Sorry. I hope to have a similarly productive day today & wish the same for you!!

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