Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

Happy being the key word today! Definitely a good for the soul post today! Yesterday was a doozie!! grump city here! ick. *I* didn't even want to be around me!! Thank goodness even tho I didn't sleep well today is a MUCH better day!!! I am already finishing 64oz of water & have been seriously conscious of the snacking my head wants to do but when I ask it if the stomach/body really needs it I am able to walk away! thinking before I eat "is this something that will do my body good or just taste good for a few minutes?" has helped tremendously!!!

The sun is OUT!!!1 glorious sunshine!!!!!! I have been waiting @ the door for the dog to be ready to come in as he's been making the trips short since its been so cold.. today I noticed the melting so I grabbed a shovel & started chiseling away @ the sidewalk packed w/snow. guess what I found?! CONCRETE!!! WHO KNEW?! :D so later when the kids were getting laid down for naps I took him back out-put him on his chain even- & finished cleaning off the sidewalk :) YAHOOOO lovely wonderful DRY! sidewalk. (today it really IS the simple things)

Laundry- not sure if I have bored you w/how much I love love love to do laundry but I do!! I think I figured out its allure to me is that there is a definite beginning -dirty- & a definite end-clean. whether we live out of baskets (& some weeks we do) or if it really makes it to the dresser or closet clean is finished. I find it utterly amusing that I love laundry b/c it was my most dreaded chore @ home growing up! ha. funny. Karma? I even hope to get an outdoor clothes line up this spring .. oh how I love line dried laundry. the sunshine I get to absorb @ regular intervals thru the day mmmmmmm the thoughtless chore of picking it up, hanging it up, watching it blow, taking it down & folding mmmmmm love it!

OKIE DOKIE on that note- I will sign off & wish you all a Happy Hump Day!!!
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