Tuesday, January 12, 2010

True Confessions Tuesday:

getting right to it:
  1. I went to the dr yesterday expecting xrays for the sprained ankle in September
  2. Instead she dx'd me w/Plantar Faciitis.
  3. I have WebMD.com'd myself this a couple of times since the pain started but never expected it to be true.
  4. She gave me prednisone + a flat sole shoe/boot to wear for 2 weeks then get back to her.
  5. *sigh* after only an hour of the shoe last night, my heel was SCREAMING.
  6. I've worn it 3 hrs now & OH MY GOSH it hurts.
  7. Wondering how long I 'give it' b4 I call in & whine.
  8. I weighed in @ my Heaviest EVER yesterday @ the dr office :((
  9. Totally kicking in the water & fruits/veggies today!
  10. How come I have gained while trying to shrink?? :( whaaaaaaaaaaa poor me!!
  11. Ok enough.. on to happy things!
  12. the sun was out yesterday!
  13. AND its above freezing! for Iowa in January that's AWESOME!!!
  14. GOING to roll around onthe floor w/the itty bitties for a while!
  15. Keep smiling!
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