Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hello Winter!

We know you are here. We know you are so powerful. We appreciate a snow day here & there, some pretty snow on the lawn, the frost in the trees but SERIOUSLY, ENOUGH ALREADY?! WE KNOW!!! Now, a gently easing out of season would be FAN-TAB-ULOUS! :) Please don't make me beg-its not pretty!

This morning, I feel the need to revisit last year's word: APPRECIATE: I APPRECIATE my work from home job that means I only have to start Tim's car-not start, clean off, & drive one of my own every day twice a day! I APPRECIATE that we have a home I can work from & not worry about the heat bill (like the old place). I APPRECIATE that Tim has developed a desire to help in the kitchen & around the house. Sure makes life easier & much more enjoyable :)

Another Snow Day. We have a Mile-Long list of to-dos for today :) finger paints, snow play, rearranging of toy room, having killler homemade macNcheese, playing in a mixed age group, running a bit crazy... ahhhh sounds like fun!! :)

Have a Great Day Everyone!!
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