Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Mantra: Keep it going.

Monday Randomness first:
  • I am in BOTH tennis shoes today. first work day in 2 weeks! we'll see how the PF fairs! Maybe I'll be on the treadmill by the weekend :) I know I am going after some Sketchers this weekend for new work shoes. Never had problems w/them. going back. no longer invincible & admitting it. LOL
  • Woke to 3" of snow on the ground this morning.. whaaaaaat?! was expecting flurries-skiff-no collection. *sigh* more snow. atleast its not ice! :)
  • Laundry is going
  • I am almost thru my first 32oz of water today!
  • Need to bake bread! Honey wheat sounds yummy.
  • tore a pancake in 1/2, fried an egg & made a sandwich for breakfast YUMMMM
  • Keep it going: I drank 96oz/day every day since my dr appt 2 weeks ago-until Saturday- & lost 8lbs b/c of it! Friday I fought a headache so miserable I wanted to rip the right eyeball from my head & throw it across the room. Saturday woke the same. so spent the day in turmoil. only did 32oz in before we went out w/the gang. then split 2 pitchers of beer w/Tim b4 I switched back to water. amazingly woke yesterday in considerably less pain. should have been more but who am I to complain!? I got the 96 in yesterday & am wall on my way today. as a reward I getting myself a 'spread love' bottle when the food check comes this week. SO I need to Keep it Going on the water :)
Some frosty fog pics of the drive to DM a week ago.
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