Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to Routine!! :)

no matter how much I love productivity & naps I do love me some routine as much!!

we buzzed thru the house this past 3 day weekend & got a TON done!! short list:
  • un-Christmas-ed the house
  • Valentine's-ed it
  • shampooed the dining carpet
  • cleaned living & hallway ready to shampoo
  • hung wedding pic
  • hung kitchen shelf
  • cleaned out/changed out 2 basket shelf display
  • hung bath decor
  • laundry
  • crockpot cooking 2 days

I have an appointment w/my nurse practitioner for my foot pain on next monday evening. in the mean time I am wearing my new 'running' shoes for work to see if it is just a case of broken down shoes. Seriously someone should come up w/a definate indicator of when shoes need replaced. I could really benefit from it. plus then I could justify it to Tim :D

my ONE LITTLE WORD for 2010 has given me quite the problems! I have changed it several times.. I have now settled on DO! instead of watch, wish, & dream, just DO it! (totally 90's Nike commercial but what can I DO?? ha! ;))

feels so good to be back to a 'normal' routine!! even if this did take several sessions to get typed out :D totally worth it!!

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