Thursday, December 31, 2009


Good bye 2009. Hello 2010!
I don't have anything excited to report of the past 12 months that hasn't already been posted-so no year-end review from me. I am not good @ resolutions so I am not sure I'll go there. I guess I'll just post about my One Little Word. 2008 my OLW was FOCUS. FOCUS on the here & now. FOCUS on the end result. FOCUS on me. FOCUS the camera. then 2009 I used APPRECIATE. & often listed 3 things/people that I APPRECIATE in blog postings. I APPRECIATE the sunshine. I APPRECIATE the changing seasons. I APPRECIATE my Husband. I APPRECIATE my job. I APPRECIATE my blog readers. I haven't given 2010 OLW much formal thought. I have had fleeting thoughts of 'what should I use?' "what is ME?" "does XXXX word work?" I usually start w/a small list of options then pick one from there. I haven't done that yet. WOW maybe I am a bit behind my own schedule!! thinking.. thinking.. thinking.. I'll have to get back to you on that.

Twilight. I am blaming Twilight the book on being so far behind around here! I have done NOTHING besides, eat, sleep, work & read Twilight since Christmas Eve when I opened it. I had no idea what I was getting into! I have heard & read all the hype but I am not a sci-fi girl. If it can't happen, hasn't happened or I haven't heard of its real possibility that it COULD happen, I don't 'get it'. Twilight sucked me in & I am hooked!! So now that I have completed Twilight (in under a week) I am making myself complete my December Daily book & shampoo some carpets around this place before I venture to the local library to check out New Moon. (thinking if I take it easy tonight, I should be able to tackle both tomorrow & hit the library Saturday morning haha)

Ok so I said I wouldn't do resolutions, I call them goals. same thing? probably. but here we got anyway!
*I will get my foot fixed so I can run again
*I will get on a daily schedule of running
*I will shrink my size to need new clothes
*I will continue to appreciate my child care families for their independence, individuality & not just their check book as I felt was implied today
*I will get more structured in my child care home
*I will get my completed scrap pages organized into albums so I know what I need to do next
*I will continue to appreciate my husband for all he does & is learning to do
*I will continue to love my child care children as I do & remember I am in this occupation for them
*I will get back to eating better & taking better general care of myself
*I will end this list before it becomes a post of its own!

HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVE!!! 2nd year in a row we've not had big plans. *sigh* not that we NEED big plans but OH THOSE WERE SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!! fancy hotel, 'free' food, rocking hairband, 'free' champagne toast @ midnight, 'free' party favors, great fun, great friends, gret memories *sigh* I miss those parties! as of now, & it possible to change in the next 5 minutes or hours, we are planning to hit a party @ a friends' house tonight. Some friends we don't see often enough but thoroughly enjoy their company when we do see them. Great time no doubt!

I hope the next time I post I will be able to say that the Christmas goods are all packed up & the house is back to 'normal' w/the addition of clean carpets! Have a Great night everyone & I hope twenty ten finds you happy, safe & healthy!
AND just to not end the post w/o a photo:I am so ready for the appropriate IOWA weather to enjoy these babies again!!! mmmmmmmmm but for now they are in my cocoa :))
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