Friday, November 13, 2009

mmmm Friday!!!

YAY FOR FRIDAY!!! even if it is Friday the 13th :) I am looking fwd to some downtime this weekend!!! Sleeping in on Saturday, No set plans for Sunday @ all. YEHAW!!!!! I have some very angry muscles in my neck & shoulder that I need to make happy SOON!!! I need to start packing/organizing for the crop next Saturday. other than that fun stuff I will be hosting a Tastefully Simple party & attending a double birthday party @ Incredible pizza on Saturday. hopefully I'll have some photos to share on Monday form both. OH & I get the honor of taking my Neice L to get her first hair cut (she's 4) !!! I am soooooooo excited!! so there will be photos of that too!

other than that I have only logged 2 miles this week. I took last night off but plan to work in at least a half maybe 3/4 tonight. & tomorrow then some again on Sunday since I took yesterday off.

I am off to find something fun for snack -how often do I close w/that??? lol
I hope you & yours have a GREAT WEEKEND!!!
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