Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dear Thursday,

I really reallly really reallllllllllllllllly reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyy wish you weren't so hard for me to handle. The part of the day that bothers me most is the early morning rising. its no earlier than the rest of the week, however, it seems to be. Then sometimes the rest of the morning follows suit & is slow & draggy other times its not bad @ all. Today it seems to be dragging on for-ev-er. So if you feel like doing a girl a favor, please consider me & make today over already :)


I could seriously lay down w/the littles & nap the afternoon away!!! I keep reminding myself I have no where to go tonight, nothing on the serious agenda but a quick kitchen floor mopping that I can do while I make tacos for supper & then I get to scrap but I am still ready to be done today.

hope yours is going better than mine!! :)
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