Tuesday, November 17, 2009

fully caffinated list

  • the dreary drizzly grey afternoon was good for naps - wish I could have joined them :)
  • full evenings this week leaves little time for crop prep for Saturday :S
  • been baaaaaaaaad about avoiding the treadmill :(
  • roast in the crockpot smelling gooood!!
  • spring crop organization/volunteer list is well underway!!
  • Annie's monthly crop club is also gaining participants!
  • closing tastefully simple party Friday. by the time its done I should end up w/$65 free + 4 half priced items.
  • planning to patrionize the other party girls I know next spring/summer!!
  • already missing the farmer's market! :(
  • switched shower curtain/rug in the cc bathroom-NICE change!!
  • feel like I could run laps. LOL but Iatleast need to get a mile in before darts!

Have a good evening!!

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