Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Hump Day!

OH MY! we spent WAY TOO MUCH TIME @ the Eagle's last night!! We got home an hour later than usual. cutting into my crop-organization time. boo! We had a good time chatting w/friends & I got to share my knowledge on weight loss & energy boosting -now to re-impliment it in my own life as well! ;) they asked me to form a challenge program-ME? why? but I have been thinking about it all morning already! & @ 2am when the dog needed out. maybe a chart w/participants on the side, minutes, miles, activities, water intake, etc. across the top? but prizes? what for prizes - even adults need something to work for! suggestions?

TODAY is A laundry day! LOVE LAUNDRY DAY!! its a soothing task to me. something that is definatly a 'good for my soul', completable & visually completed task :) I am so productivity oriented lately.

I still haven't been on the treadmill! its been a week today. OUCH tonight will hurt. but I am doing it. even if its after supper-which is strictly against my own rules but I gotta get back on! no.more.excuses.damnit. just do it

Breakfast Time!
Have a Great Productive Day! :)
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