Friday, November 6, 2009


oops!!! this morning I logged on to find that I had some returned emails so upon checking them out they appeared to be virus sent type stuffs but when I did 2 complete scans there is nothing showing up.. WIERD!!! So I Sent an email in apology to all in hotmail address book to not open any attachments from me! :) that pretty much consumed my net time this morning.. we had breakfast & snack, then wen out side!! GET OUT!!!!!! comfy outside play in NOVEMBER in IOWA!??? SHEEESH amazing!! loved it :) so thats why there was no morning post.

another quick list:
  • I skipped running again today :(
  • I am looking fwd to the GNO/wine walk tonight!
  • I am not looking fwd to the 7 hrs inside tomorrow for training
  • I love when they all sleep @ the same time :D
  • My eating is much better & water intake has gone back up! yay-now to get back on the treadmill!
  • I only have $60 more in PC to sell to hit the goal.
  • My TS party is off to a great start :)
  • My gift closet is looking generous! can't wait to sort it out... Maybe Sunday!

Ok off to read other blogs.. have a great weekend!!

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