Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Good Afternoon!

We had a great busy weekend -GNO/Wine Walk, child care training, birthday bowling party, movie @ home, a walk & naps on Sunday! :)

ACCOUNTABILITY: I've been getting 3-5 f/v, 2-4 dairy, 64-92 oz daily! Friday I didn't run but did the wine walk around town-tiny bit of walking exercise, Saturday we bowled, Sunday I went for a walk outside & yesterday I got back on the treadmill. I picked up some new shoes on the wine walk so no more excuses!! I will do my mile after work tonight & be back on my morning running tomorrow! & looking fwd to it!! thinking after I keep this up a while I should treat myself to GOOD running shoes from the specialty store but for now the good ole leather 'boks will have to do.

APPRECIATE: I APPRECIATE the family I have around me. I APPRECIATE that we live in a community that cares about others, helping others thru life altering events/losses. I APPRECIATE our group of girls that can get together for a GNO once in a while!!
Sara, Nicki, Val, Bethany, Sam, My Mom & I

I have no excuse for skipping yesterday's post but that I was lazy & uninspired! pretty much a Monday. Already looking toward the weekend! Friday night I will spend prepping for Saturday's Tastefully Simple party, Saturday I am hoping to get in to get hair cuts for myself & Neice L then off to Des Moines to Incredible Pizza for a double birthday party, then home to host my TS party. Sunday will be spent napping :) Due to the drama surrounding the animal shelter I have decided to separate myself from it until it calms down.

4 weeks of Tuesday night Darts left after tonight. not sure how I feel about that. Some weeks I'd like to stay home but others I know we need the mid week outing. it will be nice to not have it going on between the holidays!
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